Opened in 2012, Circle the City’s mission was—and is—to provide medical respite care for recently hospitalized homeless people who would otherwise be forced to recover on the street. Its founding physician, Sister Adele O’Sullivan, M.D., saw clearly that providing effective human care demands human resources—staffers who can do the accounting, keep the building running and keep up with regulations, along with the systems, policies and procedures that would empower those staffers to do their jobs.

Circle the City’s Encore Fellow, retired Sergeant Major Glenn Hinton was the perfect match for their organization. During his 23 years in the U.S. Army, and in a second career as an HR executive, Glenn developed a keen eye for talent along with deep experience in creating the structure necessary to keep a new venture running smoothly. Glenn joined forces with Sister Adele and in short order they had a top-notch team in place. It worked so well that when Glenn’s EM Fellowship was complete, Sister Adele asked him to stick around as Circle the City’s permanent Human Resources Director.