How It Works

Engage in Work that Matters

You’ve spent a career building life experiences, skills and talents. Experience Matters provides a perfect way to pay that knowledge and experience forward to help others in your community. We offer a variety of programs help experienced professionals like you identify and engage in meaningful work with local nonprofits at a level that works for you.

Get Connected

Get connected with nonprofit organizations that match your skills, interests and availability. By completing an Experience Profile, you’ll get in our database and get in the game! We’ll alert you about opportunities that are a potential fit for you and help you find the perfect match.

Learn More

Get to know us at an Experience Connect information session. Our training, coaching and education solutions are tailor-made for adults age 50+. Gain insights from leading experts in the field and leave with personalized action plans that focus on attainable goals.

Tools and Resources

Knowledge Hub offers tools to prepare adults 50+ to effectively engage in the nonprofit community. Nonprofit Navigator is an online training tool focused on the nonprofit sector, and the Service Profile is designed to help you figure out what nonprofit work best suits you.

How To Apply

Step 1:  Complete Your Service Profile

Step 2:  Learn More About Our Programs at an Upcoming Coffee Talk

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